Firearms Training Just Became So Much Better —

Realistic, Challenging, Amazing, Accurate, and Fun Training with The Smokeless Range Simulator

The Smokeless Range 2.0 Training Simulator affords INCREDIBLE training that is extremely difficult to get anywhere else. It allows you to not only get countless repetitions in for draws, target transitions, tracking targets, etc., but it can also allow you to simulate real world fights. The judgmental shooting scenarios force you to SEE FAST and THINK FAST as you struggle to understand what is happening and then make a quick decision based on what is moral, legal, and tactically sound.

When you train to protect your loved ones, you want to train for real life situations with blow back and sound. You need more advanced training than just improving your trigger pull and sight alignment. Adding realism to your training, is what the Smokeless Range 2.0 and Recoil Enabled Training Pistol is all about. This is the best way to train for real life situations, with sound and feel of a real gun, and recoil that simulates about 40% of live ammo training.

The  Smokeless Range is used in all courses except Concealed Carry Classes.