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Wes Reese Owner/Instructor Reese Firearms – Growing up in the mountains of Colorado I learned at a very young age, not only the importance of firearms, but that safety comes first, last, and always. Progressing from the Red Ryder BB Gun I got when I was 6 to the 22 LR rifle I received when I was 9 safety was always paramount. As I progressed from different firearms and their uses I noticed a common set of rules that I, and the NRA, preach to this day. It doesn’t matter if it is the Red Ryder BB Gun, 9mm, 45 ACP, M16, or the MK48 torpedo, you must always keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction, never point at anything you don’t wish to destroy, keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot, treat every weapon as loaded, and always keep your weapon unloaded until ready to use it. More people get killed every year by an “unloaded” firearm or complacency, you must always handle your firearm in a safe manner and remembering those simple rules will keep you safe.

Having trained people in the use of firearms for over 30 years I have trained every skill level imaginable, from Special Forces to 5 years old’s and everyone in-between I can promise you will learn the skills necessary to protect yourself and your family. My mission in life is to protect my family at all costs. My family is why I carry concealed every day, everywhere. – Wes Reese


  • Navy Submarine Warfare
  • US Navy Pistol Marksman (Expert)
  • US Navy Rifle Marksman (Expert)
  • Nuclear Weapons Security Guard
  • Navy Quick Reaction Force
  • NC Private Protective Services Board Certified Firearms Trainer
    • Instructor number 566-FT
  • NC Private Protective Services Board Certified Unarmed Guard Trainer 
    • Instructor number NCPPSUT001589
  • North Carolina Department of Justice Certified Conceal Carry Instructor
    • Instructor number 100186246
  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
    • Instructor number 186162804
  • NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor
    • Instructor number 186162804

NRA Certified Instructor