The Combative Rifle Fundamentals Range Course is a highly developed 2 hour range only course. This course teaches students how to shoot semi-automatic rifles. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; rifle parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; shooting from the standing position, prone, sitting, and kneeling positions; moving with a rifle, transitioning to a handgun, cleaning, and continued opportunities for skill development.

Training includes but is not limited to
• A review of marksmanship fundamentals
• High-speed aiming
• Efficient reloading both tactical and emergency reloading
• Proper movement
• Shooting on the move, shooting with an elevated heart rate
• Shooting around and over cover
• Multiple threat engagements/hostage engagements
• Identifying/clearing malfunctions


  1. Semi-automatic rifle in 5.56/223 or you may use a carbine in handgun caliber (no bolt action rifles)
  2. Two rifle magazines and a total of 120 rounds (more is always better)
  3. Handgun with 1 magazine, 50 rounds, belt, and holster
  4. Proper clothing for the weather
  5. Snacks, lunch and plenty of water
  6. Gun cleaning kit or at minimum gun lubrication
  7. Eye and ear protection (available at range if needed)
  8. Hats, long pants, appropriate range footwear
  9. Gloves and elbow pads- optional

No prerequisites for this class. The Rifle Range Course consists of approximately 2 hours of range training and is held select Sunday’s at 12:15pm. Cost to attend is only $50.