Reactive Violence Emergency Response Training

This is the one class you must take! ReVERT combines the NRA’s Personal Protection in the Home and bleeding control training all in one course to give you the skills you need in almost any emergency situation. With the ReVERT training, you’ll learn under realistic circumstances how to recognize the signs of danger, react appropriately, and make rapid survival decisions. We will then take this training and apply it in real world scenarios at the shoot house during Force-on-Force training utilizing .43 caliber Training AR15 rifles and Glock 17 handguns. Finally we will wrap it up with a live fire portion. 




With the NRA’s Personal Protection in the Home component students will learn basic defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation, and how to use a handgun in self-defense incorporating cover and concealment. Students will utilize the Smokeless Range 2.0 simulator with recoil enabled training pistols so students can experience the shoot or no-shoot situations, multiple threat assessments, and scenario based events. Scenarios can branch to different outcomes either by the trainer’s input or by the trainee hitting a zone on a character. The shooter will also be able to review the scenario and the shot placement at the end of the drill. The Smokeless Range events take place to the live fire course qualification. Handgun of any caliber and a minimum of 50 rounds is needed.

When you train to protect your loved ones, you want to train for real life situations with blow back and sound. You need more advanced training than just improving your trigger pull and sight alignment. Adding realism to your training, is what the Smokeless Range 2.0 and Recoil Enabled Training Pistol is all about. This is the best way to train for real life situations, with sound and feel of a real gun, and recoil that simulates about 40% of live ammo training. The Recoil Enabled Training Pistol is completely safe, and costs a fraction of training with ammunition.

When it comes to a violent critical incident, being able to respond quickly and with confidence is vital to saving lives. With  ReVERT Training, you will learn not only how to react in a violent situation, but also emergency response bleeding control tactics. Our live scenario training simulates a typical encounter to help you retain what you have learned.

Active Violence Training

With ReVERT, you will be able to practice appropriate responses to active violence and learn bleeding control tactics during a live simulation of an encounter with experienced instructors.

Active violence emergency training is designed to help empower and educate people to be able to make vital survival decisions during an attack. Active shooter preparedness solutions need to include not only proper training, but also must gives you the confidence and preparation to respond quickly to an active shooter situation.

Live scenario training with ReVERT covers vital aspects of violent encounter response such as alerts, communication, evacuation, and in some circumstances countering a violent attacker, and provides training in emergency bleeding control techniques.

Seconds count when responding to an active shooter or violent encounter threat and with Reactive Violence Emergency Response Training, you will learn under realistic circumstances how to recognize the signs of danger, make rapid survival decisions and decide whether to Escape, Evade or Attack.


Knowledge of bleeding control is critical in an active shooter situation, and our program goes above and beyond and teaches you these necessary life skills. Through our ReVERT course, you’ll gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively. The person next to a bleeding victim may be the one who’s most likely to save him or her.

Take this course and become empowered to make a life or death difference.

The ReVERT class consist of an 6 hours of classroom and range training. All necessary equipment is provided for the shoot house/Force-on-Force portion but student will need to bring their handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition for the live fire portion, rentals are available for $25. Each student will be issued a Nationally recognized certification for the NRA Personal Protection in the Home upon completion of the course. Cost to attend is only $100.