Home Defense Shotgun Range Course

***A Tacticool Shotgun is not required, any pump or semi-automatic shotgun is required in any gauge

Course Description

Short Description:

Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for the safe and proper use of a shotgun in a defensive shooting course.

More Details:

This course is approximately three hours long and includes (1) hour of classroom and (2) hours range time learning how to shoot shotguns, moving and shooting, combat reloads, multiple threats, shooting from concealment, and room clearing. Students learn the rules for safe gun handling; shotgun parts and operation; shotgun shell components; shotgun shell malfunctions; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting at straight away and angled targets; cleaning; and continued opportunities for skill development.

Students will, at a minimum, learn basic shotgun shooting skills, stoppage drills, target transitioning, one-handed operation, movement, use of cover/concealment, fighting from concealment, shotgun room clearing, and integrating these tactics in order to fight smarter.

The entire course is held at the range on scheduled dates.

What Do You Need To Bring?

  • Any quality pump or semi-automatic shotgun.
  • Shotgun, (25) rounds birdshot, (25) rounds 00 buck, and (12) rounds slug
  • Range appropriate attire.
  • Ear and Eye protection (however these will be available for you if needed)
  • Water/snacks/lunch.

The class size is limited to 6 and cost is only $50.