LEVEL III PISTOL is a highly developed course that utilizes 3 dimensional targets, reactive steel targets, doors/barricades, and other training props. Students will increase their skills in reactive shooting techniques, transitions, shooting on the move in various planes and positions on multiple targets, shooting from cover under increasing time constraints and stressful conditions. Students will learn the mindset needed for combat pistol engagements including protecting your home and engagements outside the home. This course is designed for the handgun shooter who wants to move beyond the basics.

Training includes but is not limited to
• A review of marksmanship fundamentals
• High-speed aiming
• Efficient drawing from the holster using a training pistol, both tactical and emergency reloading
• Movement during the draw using a training pistol
• Shooting on the move, shooting with an elevated heart rate, shooting one handed
• Shooting around and over cover
• Multiple threat engagements/hostage engagements
• Identifying/clearing malfunctions


  1. Handgun
  2. Two magazines or two-speed loaders if using a revolver
  3. 100 rounds ammo minimum
  4. Proper clothing for the weather
  5. Snacks, lunch and plenty of water
  6. Eye and ear protection (available at range if needed)
  7. Hats, long pants, appropriate range footwear
  8. Belt, holster, and magazine pouch
  9. Gloves and elbow pads- optional

No prerequisites for this class however, shooter must be competent with the use of a firearm. The ACS class consists of approximately 2 hours of range training and is held on select Saturday’s and Sunday’s at either 9am or 12:15pm. Cost to attend is only $50