To be the best, you have to train with the best. Reese Firearms is proud to be an approved UTM Training Facility. Ultimate Training Munitions manufacturers a complete system of innovative and widely applicable training products for military, law enforcement, security personnel and civilians, enabling better preparation to accomplish their mission.

All UTM firearm conversions cycle semi-automatic and automatic weapons at a normal rate of fire with live fire realism. Our munitions’ patented dual primer technology maximizes reliability and accuracy with every fired round.

Reality-Based Scenarios

If a person is serious about defending themselves and their loved ones, Force-On-Force is a must.

From flat range and competition shooting, one’s marksmanship skills will become second nature. It’s now time to shoot against a human adversary.

The scenarios developed by professional trainers mimic situations a citizen may encounter.

  • A carjacking
  • An attack in a parking lot
  • A home invasion scenario

The scenario plays out and induces stress and fear in the trainee. Human adversaries move unpredictably and quickly. With fear and adrenaline, the human mind undergoes some interesting changes. For example, shooters can experience tunnel vision and auditory exclusion. These physiological changes do not occur when target shooting or competing. But, when another human with a real gun is trying to shoot you, your response changes and the training experience becomes invaluable.

Shooters will conduct a “dry run” using paintballs prior to completing the scenarios with the UTM Man Marker Rounds.

UTM Man Marker Training Ammunition, use of G17/G19/Sig P320 or AR15 firearm, paintball gun/paintballs, and protective equipment is included. Students may bring their own G19 Gen5, G17 Gen5, Sig P320, or AR15 to be utilized in the course. Weapons will be temporarily converted to be able to shoot the UTM rounds.

This is a 3 hour course with no prerequisite courses. Must be 18 yrs of age. Souvenir tumbler is also included!